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Cosmetic helms on sale this week

Alex Ziebart

The cosmetic armor pieces Blizzard released in their store back in July 2013 have gone largely forgotten, though they made waves on release day. Since then, we've heard little about them. Serving as a reminder, all three items are on sale, 33% off, for one week only. The Hood of Hungering Darkness, Jewel of the Firelord, and Crown of Eternal Winter can be purchased for $10 each until May 20.

We find it interesting that these items have gone unmentioned for so long. Other (smaller) MMOs find great success in selling statless fashion pieces, some of them supporting their game through nothing but players shopping for a fashionable outfit, replacing even a subscription fee. Were these helms not as successful as anticipated, or do mounts and pets simply perform better on the store?

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