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Google Glass tempts travelers with new apps from Foursquare, OpenTable and TripIt


Now available to one and all (but still in beta, only for US residents and priced at $1,500), Google Glass is adding another selling point: travel accessory. That's thanks to new Glassware from Foursquare (we hope a Swarm patch is included), OpenTable and TripIt, adding to other services that support the device like Google's own Maps and Field Trip. TechCrunch also points out that the augmented reality app Word Lens launched a Glass app last fall that lets it superimpose translations over whatever you're looking at -- handy if you don't know the language. The TripIt app keeps your flight info in view, the Foursquare app can do checkins by voice and OpenTable of course brings easily set up reservations. Will this push you into ordering a headset? Maybe not, but if you need one more way to look slightly out of place while on the road, we think we have an answer.

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