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Joystiq Deals: Wolfenstein: The New Order, GTA 5, 2DS


This week, Joystiq Deals is offering $10 off pre-orders for the digital PC version of Wolfenstein: The New Order, giving you a chance to save a chunk of change on Bethesda's alternate-history first-person shooter before it hits Steam.

Buyers who pre-order Wolfenstein through Joystiq Deals will receive a Steam-redeemable activation code on its European release date, May 22, two days after the US release. [Update: Codes will now be sent to customers on May 20, matching the game's North American release date.] Steam codes for Wolfenstein additionally grant access to id's upcoming Doom beta on PC platforms.

Xbox 360 owners looking to jump into the crime-ridden world of Los Santos can get a deal on Grand Theft Auto 5 at the Microsoft Store this week. For a limited time, Microsoft is offering boxed retail copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 for just $29.99 -- a savings of 50 percent off of the game's regular retail price.

Target, meanwhile, hosts a price drop on Nintendo 2DS systems this week. Nintendo's portable console is currently $99.99 there, and is available in Electric Blue and Crimson Red colors.

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