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Panic announces upcoming Coda 2.5 will not be available in Mac App Store


Panic yesterday announced that it would not release the upcoming 2.5 version of its Coda development tool in the Mac App Store due to Apple's Sandboxing restrictions. Sandboxing is meant to increase the security of OS X by limiting an app's access to files stored on your Mac unless the app has been given permission to read or write to those files.

Panic confirmed it is ready to release Coda 2.5, but the company is running into hurdles with sandboxing that would delay the app's availability. The company worked extensively with Apple to overcome most of the sandboxing issues with Coda 2.5, but it is still encountering a few remaining challenges that it decided to putting aside in order to release the app as soon as possible.

As a result, Coda 2.5 will not be sandboxed and will be available only from Panic's website. Panic has made it easy for customers who bought an earlier version of Coda from the Mac App Store to upgrade to version 2.5 when it is released. Panic also introduced Panic Sync to replace iCloud sync.

You can read more about this transition in the blog post on Panic's website.

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