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Podcasts for iOS is now properly outfitted for Siri and CarPlay

Billy Steele

Folks that spin favorites through Podcasts on iOS to endure the workday can nab an update that should boost listening sessions. Version 2.1 of the standalone app boasts improved browsing by episode, complete with Unplayed and Feed (available for download or stream) tabs for easy access. You can also save favorites for offline enjoyment and tweak the settings to automatically delete selections once you've listened. Siri integration finally makes its debut as well, allowing voice-activated commands like "play podcasts" or specific stations with "play Stuff You Should Know" for the virtual assistant. There's also CarPlay support added in to prep for its arrival in autos in the months to come. If you haven't been alerted to the new version just yet, hit the source link that follows to snatch it up.

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