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Apple and Google to end patent lawsuits, work together on patent reform


Apple and Google today agreed to end all current patent infringement lawsuits in order to work together on patent reform, reports the WSJ. This agreement extends to existing litigation and does not include any cross-licensing agreements. It also does not include any lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.

Apple Inc. and Google Inc. agreed to dismiss all lawsuits between them, bringing to a close a patent dispute between the iPhone maker and the Web giant's Motorola unit.

In a joint statement, Apple and Google said there was no cross-licensing agreement as part of the truce. The companies said they will work together in "some areas of patent reform."

In a recent lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, Google played a prominent role, sending key executives to testify and offering indemnity on behalf of the Korean company. It also faced Apple on behalf of Motorola with the pair involved in 20 different lawsuits both in the US and internationally.

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