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EFF heaps praise on Apple for protecting customer data


A new and extensive report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) details which of the major Internet companies "have your back" when it comes to protecting user data from Government requests. When the dust settled, Apple was one of only a few companies to earn six stars across the board. The worst performer, without question, was Snapchat -- which earned just a lone star.

In compiling the results, EFF looked at six distinct company practices and policies.

1. Require a warrant for content of communications

2. Tell users about government data requests

3. Publish transparency reports

4. Publish law enforcement guidelines

5. Fight for users' privacy rights in courts

6. Publicly oppose mass surveillance.

Apple in particular was singled out for making tremendous strides regarding its efforts at protecting customer data. The report highlights Apple this year earned a perfect six out of six stars, a huge improvement from previous years when the company earned only one star.

Apple earned credit in all 6 categories in this year's Who Has Your Back report. Apple's rating is particularly striking because it had lagged behind industry competitors in prior years, earning just one star in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Apple shows remarkable improvement in its commitments to transparency and privacy.

Other companies who earned six out of six stars include CREDO Mobile, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sonic, Twitter, and Yahoo.

The entire report is thorough and well worth a read for anyone curious about which companies are doing the most to protect their from government requests.

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