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When you land at Heathrow Terminal Galaxy S5, you'll know who to blame

Sharif Sakr

A Samsung-sized marketing budget buys airport-sized publicity stunts, as you may well notice if you fly to or from Heathrow this month. For two weeks, starting May 19th, the owners of the "world's busiest terminal" have allowed Samsung, in partnership with JCDecaux, to re-brand all Terminal 5 signage at entrances, security points and gates as "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5." And who cares if that sounds like an illness?

Update: A representative of Heathrow airport has since told iMore that Samsung exaggerated its claims about the rebranding of Terminal 5, and that only existing advertising space will be used as part of the campaign -- not signage and wayfinding as Samsung's press release originally claimed. We'll just have to wait 'til May 19th to see what it really looks like.

Update: Today's the day, and our first photo from a reader has just come through. Thanks @Poltymon!

Samsung branding at Heathrow Terminal 5

[Top image courtesy of Terminal 5 Insider on Flickr, with a smidgen of Adobe. Above image courtesy of @Poltymon.]

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