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Joystiq Deals: Samsung HDTV contest, Bohemia Interactive Steam sale


Joystiq Deals does more than save you money -- it also gives you free stuff. Starting this week, we're giving you the chance to win a free 50-inch, 1080p Samsung HDTV, complete with your choice of a free Roku 3 Media Player or Apple TV. A winner will be chosen on May 31, so enter today for a chance to win the entertainment setup of your dreams!

Over on Steam, meanwhile, developer Bohemia Interactive is hosting a catalog-wide sale to commemorate its 15th anniversary. This weekend, Steam members can pick up Arma 3 for $35.99, DayZ for $25.49, and the Take on Helicopters Bundle for $4.99, among many other games on offer.

If you'd rather buy up Bohemia's entire catalog at once, the 26-game Bohemia Interactive Bundle is up for grabs at $99.99. Bohemia's sale prices remain in effect through May 19.

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