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The Queue: I do not have a desk.

Matthew Rossi

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Since HemttTanker seemed so shocked, I took this picture of my monitor, keyboard, and a tiny smidgeon of my computer sitting in their usual spot on the floor in my office. I don't know why, but I've always preferred it to sitting at a desk - perhaps it's because I can zone out more easily and write without any sort of back pain or fatigue. Or maybe it's because I fear chairs, and can't use them properly. The world may never know.

Anyway! On to our question answering extravaganza! Cairne Bloodhoof YYYYYEAAAHHHHHH

EldreMagus asks:
Q4tQ: I hate LFR. What are odds that Blizz will create enough non-LFR options to be Normal ready, gear-wise, throughout WoD?

That seems to be their goal, actually. In multiple interviews now they've said that you should be able to go from normal dungeons to normal (what we call flex now) raiding in Warlords. So you'll likely go normal dungeons - normal raids - heroic raids when you start raiding in Draenor.

AJVentes said:
We really need an iron maiden queue sometime. Paschendale or fear of the dark or 7th son would be good options. Come on Rossi make it so. Also before we leave Pandaria give us manowar's Battle Hymn in honour of the klaxxi buff that was named for it (also because its the perfect celebration song after downing a hard boss. Powermetal is so WOW)

Here you go, Enjoy Killers, Iron Maiden's best album. I like several of their others, but this was the first Maiden album I ever heard and it's still my favorite.

Libby Block asks:
Why wasn't the other Windrunner brother in WarCrimes? Did the Windrunner curse make him vanish, too?

The Windrunner siblings were Alleria, Sylvanas, Vereesa and Lirath. Lirath was the only boy (and can you imagine being the only son in a family with those three for your sisters?) and he died when Orgrim Doomhammer sent Horde forces to assist the trolls of Zul'Aman under Zul'jin in their assault on the elves. A cousin, Zendarin Windrunner, later died attempting to use Vereesa's children in a magical ritual. Either way, there appear to be no male Windrunners left - only Vereesa and Sylvanas remain on Azeroth.

Hyde_v asks:
Question for the Queue: While I am well aware that it would make for a less exciting expansion, wouldn't it be better for the Azerothians to simply destroy the Dark Portal and trap Garrosh, his crazy Iron friends, and whacko bronze dragon on the other side? Without Medivh, not even Gul'dan could open the Dark Portal again as it required both of them to channel energy to form the rift.

After the humans had defeated Orgrim Doomhammer at the close of the Second War, they marched on the Dark Portal and Khadgar unleashed all of his magical power and destroyed the Dark Portal. However, it did him no good at all - once opened, the rift between worlds remained open. Since that time, the portal has gone dormant at times, but it has never truly been closed. It simply does not seem to be possible to close the Dark Portal or destroy it.

If Khadgar couldn't close it, no one on Azeroth could. Blow it up, seal it over with bricks, fill it with rocks, pour molten lava over it - the Portal will ultimately overcome any obstacle you put in front of it. That's why the Alliance first built Nethergarde Keep, because all they could do was watch the thing and stomp anyone that came out.

Catriona Shadowleaf asks:
Q4tQ: Besides POWA (or pie, depending on your hearing and how hungry you are) what do you think is a decent reason why Benedictus went all Twilight Cultist on us?

Is there ever a good reason for an NPC to go crazy (besides no TV and no beer) and who so far if anyone do you think is a good example?

Benedictus flat out tells us he turned to the Twilight Cult because he believed it was pointless to resist Deathwing. And you'll remember, without time travel shenanigans, it would have been. Without not just the Dragon Soul but the Dragon Soul from a time before the Aspects reclaimed their power from it, and then augmented by the Aspects using the Focusing Iris to be even more powerful, Deathwing would not have been defeated.

NPC's who have every reason to have gone 'crazy' include Sylvanas (sit down sometime and actually think about all that she's gone through in game), Malygos (his entire dragonflight got killed in front of him by his best friend using a weapon Malygos talked the other dragon aspects into helping said best friend make), and Leyara. Leyara got absolutely crapped on. Her husband got ripped in half by monster bug people. Her father in law, the only relative she had left besides her daughter, got imprisoned so Malfurion could come back and immediately roll over and let orcs stroll into Astranaar and kill her daughter with fire bombs.

I have a very hard time blaming Leyara for hating Malfurion. He's a terrible leader.

Ben C. asks:
In a different universe, blizzard releases a ruby sanctum style raid to fill the wait gap. What would this new raid contain?

Halion. Surprise! Didn't see that coming, did you?

Ha, I kid. Seriously, I'd make it a Caverns of Time raid where you go in and find out that Kairoz had killed Soridormi and left behind an Infinite General that you have to defeat before he destroys the entire cavern. At the end, the Hourglass is badly damaged and the bronze dragons are almost helpless, unable to pursue Kairoz or Garrosh.

And that's the Queue for Friday. See y'all next week.
Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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