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Zarhym speaks on the Warlords of Draenor alpha delay


Besides the occasional picture on Twitter or Blizzard blog post, significant updates on the Warlords of Draenor alpha have been few and far between. Clearly things are still in the works -- and that's okay for any good video game in production. It's better that things are being worked on than not, after all.

But this has lead to a delay in inviting anyone outside of Blizzard into the alpha. Sites have access to the client files via datamining methods, but that's it. Without a server to play on, the game is nothing more than interesting art and string assets.

Blizzard's Senior Community Manager, Zarhym, weighed in on the delay of the alpha in an exchange on Twitter:

...we're not ready to start inviting the public yet. Doing extra polish on the first few zones & will get a build going soon.

We had hoped to start inviting people sooner. We knew our internal alpha build would be datamined & wanted to let people know why.

You underestimate how hard it is to announce set dates for tests. Doubt people would agree on preferring radio silence.

...there have been some quest flow revamps and such we wanted to get done before people started really digging in.

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