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Borderlands 2 Vita may get cross-save support on Tuesday

Vault Hunters just set out for a fresh round of loot in this month's Vita release of Borderlands 2, but they all returned to the hunt as measly, level-one adventurers, regardless of whether or not they had Eridium gathered in a PS3 save file. The on-the-go romp through Pandora will eventually offer cross-save support, but the involved update has had vague launch dates as well as a missed estimate of yesterday. However, a tweet from Gearbox head Randy Pitchford suggests the patch will arrive on Tuesday, with Pitchford stating the new deadline felt "more reliable" than the last that he was given.

The Vita version was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and published by Sony, so while it makes sense for Vita owners to want a great, time-saving feature, impatience with Pitchford or Gearbox is a bit unwarranted.
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