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Build your dream League team with Fantasy LCS

Haven't cracked the realm of League of Legends play that'll let you earn thousands of dollars from competing in the League Championship Series? Neither have a lot of other people, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy watching the world's best compete! Riot Games is launching the beta of Fantasy LCS this summer, which will let players construct imaginary team-ups between contestants from the North American and European LCS Leagues.

Players can either join a pre-existing Fantasy LCS league or create one and invite their friends. Once a league is completely filled, players can begin selecting their roster. Teams include seven starters, which cover the top, jungler, mid, support and marksman positions in League matches, along with one extra flex player for any desired position and one real-life, non-imaginary LCS team. Participants will also pick three alternate players to sub for those in starter positions, but only starters will earn points in a league.

Starting lineups can be modified each week, allowing for reactions to a LCS player's real-world performance or to just heed gut instincts. Players that weren't selected by anyone in a league can also be swapped in from a free agent pool. After starters are decided for the week, a player's team will be matched against a competitor's in their league, earning points for the abilities of their roster both on an individual LCS player and general LCS team level. The highest-scoring team wins a week's matchup, with the overall best record earning bragging rights for a league's top player at the end of the season.

There's a fair amount of interest in Fantasy LCS, which has led to stability issues for the service, but everything is operating as normal at the time of this writing.
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