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Joystiq Weekly: 'Mario Kart 8' in review, co-op 'Killzone' and a new Jurassic tour


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Welcome to the Joystiq Weekly wrap-up where we present some of the best stories and biggest gaming news from our sister-publication.

Despite an unfortunate change to its battle mode, Mario Kart 8 is a solid extra lap on a series with a great foundation. The gravity-shifting sections spliced into existing and new tracks feel like a natural extension of the series rather than a gameplay-changing revelation, but it's a strong complement to an already enjoyable experience. The social features are surprisingly solid and may even outlive the total course selection, but it helps that the new tracks feel as worthy of a revisit as the series' standouts.

That's it for this week folks! Check back next Sunday for another recap, or head over to Joystiq and catch the news as it happens.

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