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The Goonies returns with new graphics, sound, $0 price tag


The Goonies may have been good enough for Cyndi Lauper, but not for Sloth Team, a group of dedicated fans who have recreated Datasoft's ZX Spectrum adaptation of the 1985 film for modern PCs with new aesthetics and additional content.

Unlike the more popular NES Goonies game, which was a typical platformer, Datasoft's attempt at the license sees players controlling two of the Goonies as they solve puzzles necessary to move from room to room. Highlights of this new version of The Goonies include wholly new graphics, new music and additional stages.

Best of all, the remake is available as a free download for anyone with a PC or Linux machine and functional Internet connection. At Sloth Team's official site you'll find both a demo and the full version of the game at the always attractive price of "absolutely free."
[Image: Sloth Team]

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