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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wants to go play outside


Here in Portland, Oregon, our weather forecasts alternate between "rainy" and "rainy enough to spawn a race of bipedal fish people." Yet, somehow, it's currently 70 degrees, sunny and the only clouds in the sky are localized around our copious "blown glass retailers." Despite this natural beauty, here I am, strapped into the pilot's chair of the USS Joystiq to bring you this week's finest offerings from the world of Internet comic strips.

You don't need to thank me - the crate full of office supplies I swiped this morning is reward enough - but if your local area is likewise bathed in the warmth of Earth's nearest star, let me know what your plans for the day are. Are you going to stuff your pocket with meat snacks, then visit your local park with a excitable pooch in tow? Are you going to hop through a sprinkler, then pester your mom until she buys you a sno-cone? Whatever you're up to, let me live (and tan) through you vicariously.

Penny Arcade (Sore Subject)
Ready Soup (Defender Of The Ubisoft)
Brawl In The Family (Deku Baba)
The Gamercat (Taste The Rainbow)
Nerf Now (Symbiosis)


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