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AMC embraces the power of Tumblr to debut its new series 'Halt and Catch Fire'


A new television series chronicling tech and social media narratives pops up on the regular these days and AMC's upcoming "Halt and Catch Fire" is the latest entry into that sub-genre. In order to cultivate buzz for the series' debut in a couple weeks, the network is relying on shares and reblogs from its Tumblr page to get the word out. Between now and May 31st, eager viewers can snag an early look at the pilot on the aforementioned page. The show follows a former IBM executive's scheme to reverse engineer the IBM PC, and thus thrusting his current company into the personal computing fray for the 80s. According to TechCrunch, AMC has a number of advanced screenings planned at Apple, Twitter, Google and more as part of the pre-air promo effort amongst the tech community. If you're in need of a brief introduction, the trailer awaits on the other side of the break.

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