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Original Apple rainbow signs from old Apple HQ for sale


You might think you're a true Apple fan, but one lucky bidder is definitely going to have you beat in June. That's when bidding will take place for Apple's original rainbow logo signs that once graced the company's Cupertino headquarters, with bidding expected to reach north of US$15,000.

As the auction description states, the signs were removed from Apple headquarters in 1997 and given to "a longtime Apple employee," who remains unnamed. The signs themselves are a bit rough looking, showing plenty of wear and tear from the years they graced the company's campus while basking in the California sunshine.

The two signs come in two different sizes, one measuring 46in by 49in and the other coming in at a slightly smaller 33in by 36in, each with its own separate "leaf" piece. The larger apple is made of "stiff foam" while the smaller is crafted out of fiberglass and metal.

These are two of the most iconic treasures for Apple fans, so bidding is expected to reach a lofty figure before the dust settles. They'll be sold during the Bonhams "The Story of the 20th Century" auction in New York on June 4.

[via The Verge]

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