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Stiq Figures, May 5 - 11: Developers that get you edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Lots of people like video games, and whenever a hobby grows to the size of something like the gaming industry, there's a lot of unique tastes to cater to. It's probably true that the only way to get your dream game exactly the way you want is to make it yourself, but the involved skill, time and financial-shaped hurdles make that tough for plenty of people.

Maybe there's a studio out there that just seems to get you, though. One that seems to build games you've wanted to play for years, or maybe one can even craft a style of game you never would have seen yourself playing, but you end up loving it. Most gamers that I talk with seem to know of one or two studios like this - teams that, in their eyes, can do no wrong.

For me, I'm pretty sure that's Harmonix. I had a PS2 demo disc that featured a track or two of Frequency, and I played it regularly until a bin of used games taught me there was a sequel called Amplitude. I was eager to try Guitar Hero and finally caved when Rock Band debuted, starting a five-year obsession with a $170 box of plastic instruments on the game's launch day. Despite having reservations toward the Kinect and an outright contempt for dancing, I even gave Dance Central a shot. Surprise, I dug that, too.

Is there a developer that has a similar track record with you? Was there at one point, like the golden era of Rare, but they've now been shuttered or reorganized into something else? That's totally okay - modern or not, tell us about those studios and why you love their work so much, right after you check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!

3DS LL: 28,414 [DOWN] 3,565
Vita: 17,143 [DOWN] 5,887
PS4: 8,480 [DOWN] 3,006
PS3: 7,684 [DOWN] 1,568
Wii U: 7,613 [DOWN] 466
3DS: 7,529 [DOWN] 115
PSP: 2,022 [DOWN] 299
Vita TV: 1,351 [DOWN] 336
Xbox 360: 233 [DOWN] 45
[Image: Harmonix]

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