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Co-op shooter Helldivers drops this summer on Sony systems


As the weather clears up, we tend to break out our list of items well-suited for summer. Namely, we like to cruise in drop-tops and play top-down shooters once the sun is out and the temperature rises, and a recent PlayStation Blog post noted that Arrowhead's Helldivers will be one of those two to toy with in the sun (as a game, not a car).

The multiplayer-focused, twin-stick action game will debut this summer for PS4, PS3 and Vita after it was first announced at Gamescom in August. Players on those three systems can come together in online cooperative missions to tear apart procedurally-generated levels thanks to its Cross-Save and Cross-Play support. Arrowhead locked in friendly fire for Helldivers however, so the term "cooperative" gets an extra point of emphasis for the game. There's still no word on whether Helldivers will be Cross-Buy-eligible, though.
[Image: Arrowhead Game Studios]

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