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Spotify-based service puts an end to lousy coffee shop music


Chances are that the music at your local eatery sucks. If the owners aren't just piping in elevator music or radio, they may be using CDs or internet stations. Soundtrack Your Brand has a better solution: it just launched a Spotify-based (and partly Spotify-funded) service that's designed for public venues. The current platform lets companies stream an unlimited amount of music in five locations, with scheduled playlists and offline support; you won't have to hear the same song every day at the coffee shop, even if its internet access cuts out mid-cappuccino.

The service is currently limited to Sweden, where it costs 349 Kronor ($53) per month. An upcoming 799 Kronor ($121) option will cater to larger outlets. There's no word on a US deployment, but here's hoping that it comes soon -- if you're like us, you're probably a little tired of the recycled tunes at your favorite establishment.

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