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Wii Sports Club adding Baseball, Boxing in Japan June 27


Nintendo will launch the final two games in its downloadable Wii U minigame compilation Wii Sports Club in Japan next month ahead of a boxed retail release, the publisher announced this week.

Boxing and Baseball will round out Wii Sports Club's five-game roster in Japan on June 27. The games can be activated for a 24-hour period for 200 yen each, or purchased for free play as a 1,000-yen two-pack. A retail version of Wii Sports Club, which includes Boxing and Baseball in addition to previously released Tennis, Bowling, and Golf minigames, will hit Japanese store shelves in July.

Nintendo of America has not revealed a North American release date for Wii Sports Club's final two minigames, and a retail version has not been announced.

[Image: Nintendo]

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