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Apple's iWork for iCloud now lets you collaborate on projects with 100 friends

Emily Price

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If you're using Apple's iWork for iCloud to get stuff done, now you can collaborate on projects with even more people. Before if you wanted to get your co-workers input on your big plans for the company retreat (Laser Tag definitely promotes synergy) you could only have 50 contributors. Now 100 people can work on the same Keynote, Numbers or Pages file at once, and those projects can also be a lot larger. Previously you were limited to 200MB per file, with a 5MB cap for included images. Now there's 1GB of space to fill with details about your group-cooking class plans, complete with images of up to 10MB each -- that's a lot more fancy dessert photos

More than just additional space and people, today's update also brought support for 2D and interactive charts. You can now export Numbers projects as CSV files (for easy importing into Excel), and budding authors can transform Pages documents into ePub files. Despite all the updates, Apple is still listing the cloud versions of all three applications as beta, but that might not last long. We'll likely hear more about all three (and their iOS and OSX counterparts) during Apple's developer's conference, WWDC, next month.

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