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iWork for iCloud suite gets updated with new features


Apple's suite of iWork for iCloud apps has received a new update that improves collaboration, adds new document options, and increases file storage capacity across the online versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

With the new collaboration features, over 100 people can work on a single file in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote. Apple introduced iWork for iCloud collaboration last year, but the number of collaborators was previously limited to 50 simultaneous workers. File storage sizes have also been increased; users can now upload individual documents up to 1 GB in size while individual images now top out at 10 MB. Previously iWork for iCloud files were limited to 200 MB for files and 5 MB for image files.

Each of the applications also now has the ability to create 2D and interactive charts, complete with new chart formatting and color options. While most of these changes are across the board, each of the apps has gained a few specific new features of its own. Microsoft Excel users will appreciate Numbers' newfound ability to export to CSV. Pages now has support for exporting a file to the EPUB ebook format, improved tables, and object layering. Finally, Keynote for iCloud can now show and hide slide numbers in presentations.

You don't need to download or update anything to take advantage of these new features. Simply head over to to give the latest version of iWork a spin.

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