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Exclusive: Grand Chase unveils Season 5 update trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

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Grand Chase is kicking off its fifth season, and it's doing so via a series of big updates. There's a lot to the update, too, enough that it's got a trailer just past the break showing off all sorts of new features like dodging, new maps, and dungeon records. The game is also introducing the new Character Separation feature to kick things off, which sounds a bit painful but isn't meant to be at all.

In essence, players who had unlocked and equipped all of the game's 19 characters would have to cart around a lot of gear in a single shared inventory based on who was being played at any given time. This new update divides up characters and allows you to store their items and equipment separately, a real boon for any prolific players. Check out the trailer and the full release just past the break.

Grand Chase Season 5 Trailer

Leading game developer and publisher of popular free-to-play MMORPGs, KOG Games, launches the biggest content update in the history of online action-brawler MMO, Grand Chase starting today. The MMO brawler gets a major UI update, a dungeon experience like never before seen, faster-smarter AI, the all new Dodge Skill and Damage Ranking System, and a new boss-rush style dungeon experience, Dimension's Door!

Grand Chase features an impressive roster of 19 characters which previously had to be unlocked via a very difficult quest or purchased outright in the shop, but no longer! With Season 5, all new players get four open character slots and any character can be selected for free. If you haven't collected them all already, Veteran players may purchase a new character slot and select any one of the 19 characters.

Grand Chase vets will notice a streamlined, polished World Map display and fluid quest progression. Experience new NPCs, linear map direction and quest presentation. Whether playing PvE solo, with a buddy or filling a four player Co-Op party, players will be dungeon crawling in levels that have been neatly redesigned. Level and platform layouts have been reworked and mob types and numbers will be randomized. Mobs and Bosses will be faster, stronger and smarter too! To even the playing field for all players, all playable characters have had their damage output re-balanced.

"The latest update brings a fresh, vibrant attitude to Grand Chase," said Eugene Kim, CEO of KOG Games "The game will deliver a streamlined experience that both veteran and new players alike will truly enjoy."

The innovative Dodge Skill can be acquired via quest by any playable character. This new, active combat skill allows all characters to utilize an evasive maneuver while in dungeons. The new Damage Rank feature shows players just how much DPS they dish out in dungeons. This new system generates a record too. Play dungeons again and again to refine your skills and beat your own scores!

This is just the beginning! The Grand Chase Season 5 update is so big, that it has to be released in waves. Coming up next: New Dungeons, re-balancing for all playable characters in PvP, and an all-New PvP Mode! This crazy new "Sudden Death" mode will pit players against one another while in "Fatal" status or 0 life against a countdown timer to see how many times they can destroy each other within the time allowed. The player with the most kills at the end of time wins.

Players can visit, now for all the latest information.

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