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Vivendi to sell $850 million in Activision Blizzard stock

S. Prell, @SamPrell

French multimedia company Vivendi has been steadily distancing itself from Activision Blizzard for awhile now, but a new sale brings Vivendi's stake in the House That Warcraft & Call of Duty Built down to just six percent. The $850 million deal is expected to close May 28, provided there are no holdups like last time.

Last year, Activision Blizzard bought itself back from Vivendi, making itself an independent company owned in majority by the public. That deal was not without complications though, as an Activision Blizzard shareholder attempted to sue the company, putting the sale on hold. The Delaware Supreme Court overturned the ruling which had stalled the deal, and the purchase was completed October 11, 2013.
[Image: Vivendi/Activision]

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