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Vodafone's gift of Netflix takes the edge off its 4G plans

Matt Brian, @m4tt

If deciding which mobile operator to go with hinges more on watching House of Cards than on price or coverage, then Vodafone's latest entertainment offer could be worth a look. In addition to its Sky Sports and Spotify entertainment packs, the carrier today threw TV and movie streaming into the mix by bundling a six-month Netflix subscription when you sign up to one of its Red 4G plans. There's a catch, though: You'll need to pick a minimum £26-per-month plan, which furnishes you with 3GB of data (although it is unlimited for the first three months). That's fine for browsing and social updates, but it's worth noting that Netflix streams consume up to 1GB per hour for SD video and up to 3GB on HD content, which could burn through your allowance in double-quick time. That isn't to say you can't utilise the free Netflix pass over a WiFi connection, but it pays to be mindful when the operator says you can "stream your favourite shows and films on the move." Vodafone will let you select Netflix as your entertainment pack of choice from between July and December, so put that upgrade on hold if you want to catch the new series of Orange Is The New Black.

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