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Breakfast Topic: Taking it even further

Matthew Rossi

I love the visual design of Thok the Bloodthirsty. Why? Because Thok takes the basic awesomeness of a devilsaur and adds a great big freaking axe to his or her face. This is also why I love the Battlegear of Wrath - it's a suit of armor intended for warriors that is basically axes strapped to everything. This is the kind of crazy I can get behind. I find the idea of restraint appealing in its place, but sometimes I just want to see axes strapped to devilsaurs. Strap axes to everything! Hey, I have an axe... how about we strap more axes to it? I say thee yay.

So I'll put it to you - is there any point where you feel like the game didn't go far enough? Do you wish your Zhar'doom doesn't have enough felhounds on the stick? Do you wish your Heart of the Aspects was even more sinuous? Do you long to tape Gorehowl to your face and just headbutt your way through trouble? Okay, so I have an axe fixation today. Axes are freaking awesome. Let's strap axes to everything. Everything.

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