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Capture the Flag returns to Titanfall after player feedback


Respawn is re-adding Capture the Flag to Titanfall on PC, even though "less than 1% of the player base was even trying to play CTF," a blog post reads. Respawn removed Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter from playlists last week, meaning those modes were available via private matches and Variety Mode only.

"Last week we made some changes to the Titanfall playlists on PC and since then many members of the community have expressed their disappointment with our decision," Respawn writes. "Capture the Flag has been a specific point of contention considering we had just made a significant change to how the mode worked (Titans cannot carry flags after the last patch). If you're just catching up, we made the decision to remove these modes because hardly anyone was playing them and matches were nearly impossible to find."

To offset the lower player count in Capture the Flag, Respawn is reworking its matchmaking system to include wider region searches:

"If you're searching for 5 minutes without starting a game, Stryder will eventually widen your search to include neighboring continents. This means you might end up in a game with a much higher ping than you're used to, but as players pointed out; playing is preferred to not playing at all!"

Read Respawn's breakdown of how matchmaking works right here.
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