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Fiat's CEO still telling people not to buy his electric car


If a company convinces you not to buy its products, it's normally destined for a spot on some "Worst Business Decisions" list. Sergio Marchionne, however, is a master of the art when it comes to dissing his own electric vehicle. The Fiat Chrysler CEO isn't a fan of the law that requires car makers to produce EVs, and has again gone on record to ask people not to buy the Fiat 500e. Last year, he told press that the company lost $10,000 on each compliance car that's sold, and now that figure's apparently bumped up to $14,000. This time out, the executive added that as soon as the EV has sold the minimum quantity required by law, it'll be withdrawn - or the Fiat Chrysler would soon be going back to Washington looking for another bailout. Then again, telling people not to do something could be a very dangerous tactic, since we all know how that worked out for Barbra Streisand.

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