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Sony CEO Kaz Hirai: PS4 'likely' to exceed PS2 profits

S. Prell, @SamPrell

While Sony as a whole is predicting losses to the tune of almost half a billion this fiscal year, company CEO Kazuo Hirai is looking to the future - specifically, the PlayStation 4's future. During a corporate strategy meeting reported by Japanese website Impress Watch and translated by Eurogamer, Hirai said he believes that "it is likely that PS4 will become the platform which exceeds the profits earned with PS2."

The PlayStation 2 sold more than 155 million units in its 13-year lifespan, having finally been discontinued at the beginning of last year. The PS4, in its six months on the market, has sold more than 7 million units. While that trend would need to remain relatively stable to beat the PS2 in sheer numbers within the same span of time, bear in mind that a straight-up comparison of unit sales isn't looking at the whole picture.

Hirai cited the growing popularity of digital distribution and services - things which didn't factor into the PS2's success - as the keys that will allow Sony increased profitability, even if they don't move as many units.
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