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Sony: Half of PS4 owners have PlayStation Plus

S. Prell, @SamPrell

PS4 owners, come and sit with us. Everyone here? Good. Now, look to the person on your left. According to statements from Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai in a corporate strategy meeting, one of you has a PlayStation Plus subscription. We'll let you process that for awhile.

The high percentage of PS4 units tied to PS Plus subscriptions jibes well with Hirai's forecast that the PS4 will go on to become more profitable than the PS2, as Hirai cited digital services like Plus as a major factor for his prediction. Hirai noted that Sony raked in more than 200 billion yen (~$1.9 billion) through network services in fiscal 2013, and he expects that number to increase going forward.

This meeting of the Sony Statistics Club is adjourned. Please enjoy some tasty crackers and cheese at our Mix-N-Mingle table.
[Image: Sony]

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