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Become the People's Champion, take on a Smash Bros. champ

Unlike a live stage presentation from Nintendo, The Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament will take place in the Nokia Theater during E3. Up to 3,000 fans will be allowed to watch the brawls unfold in the upcoming Super Smash Bros., so the event is bound to have some energy to it. If you're eager to prove your Smash-based skill set and still haven't received your invitation, there's hope for you in the form of Instagram: Nintendo will fly the victor of its "People's Challenger" contest and a guest to E3, with the People's Challenger winning the right to duke it out with one of the Invitational's champions.

People's Challenger entrants must convince Nintendo that they're worthy of the opportunity in a video under 15 seconds in length. We suggest you check out the full details before starting on your entry though, as one of the general guidelines advises against even pretending to harm others. That masterful, intense bout of choreographed fisticuffs you were daydreaming about is probably out, then.

Judges will pick a winner based on three aspects: how well a video displays an entrant's enthusiasm, demonstrated creativity and the entry's overall artistic quality. Nintendo will accept entries until 10 AM PT on May 27, all of which must follow the title format of "My name is <FIRST NAME> and this is my submission for the Super Smash Bros. People's Challenger Contest. #SmashChallengerApproaching #NintendoContestEntry." Entrants must live in the United States or Canada (except for you, Quebec) and must be 18 or above their state or province's age of majority.

Even if you get rocked by the Invitational champ, at least you'll have two three-day passes for the E3 show floor. No more living vicariously through E3 attendees for you!
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Hey Ludwig,

Nintendo is looking for the Super Smash Bros. "People's Challenger"-someone who will battle one of the winners from this year's Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3.

I've included more background information about the invitational below; I also attached a visual infographic, which bullets out the contest rules for your readers. Nintendo will fly out the winner and a guest to Los Angeles to attend the match. Deadline to submit video entries on Instagram is 5-27-14..

Click here for official rules.

We're really looking forward to giving a Super Smash Bros. fan their moment in the spotlight at E3, so thanks in advance if you can help us get the word out!


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