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Pokemon X/Y trading milestone captures Fancy Pattern Vivillon


To reward the legions of Pokemaniacs around the world who've spent the past seven months swapping Houndooms and haggling over Chespins in Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo has revealed plans to distribute a unique Vivillon known for its particularly ostentatious coloration.

Officially known as the "Fancy Pattern Vivillon," this one-off critter bears a unique aesthetic design on its wings. Normally, Vivillon are highly sought after for online trading as each one features a design that changes depending on a player's real-world location. The Fancy Pattern Vivillon, however, looks the same no matter where it's located (though it's likely to be even more in-demand than its more common brethren, given its exclusive availability via upcoming distribution event).

The timing of this distribution event is currently up in the air, as the Fancy Pattern Vivillon will only be released once the Global Trade Station tallies over 100 million trades. According to Nintendo, the counter currently sits at about 90 million. Once the 100 million mark has been passed, the official Pokemon website will be updated with details on exactly how and when players can download their lavish new bug.
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