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Report: New trials won't make Ultra Street Fighter 4 launch


When Ultra Street Fighter 4 initially debuts on June 3, it will only feature trials for those characters found in Super Street Fighter 4, according to CVG.

As the name would suggest, these trials are quick tests requiring players to input commands for special attacks, combos and their chosen fighters' other various manuevers. In theory, each trial serves as a personalized introduction to combat. Though Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition introduced four new fighters to the game, it did not include trials for these new pugilists. Capcom hoped to rectify this omission with Ultra Street Fighter 4 while also introducing new trials for the five additional fighters joining the cast in the upcoming update, though that's no longer the plan.

"There will be no new trials available at the time of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 digital upgrade launch, but stay tuned, as we'll have more news to share on this topic shortly after the digital upgrade version is released," a Capcom representative told CVG.

Keep in mind that June 3 is only one of the official launch dates for Ultra Street Fighter 4, specifically the date on which the game's digital upgrade hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Additional versions of Ultra Street Fighter 4 will roll out between June 3 and August 8, and it's possible that later releases may include the absent trials. We've reached out to Capcom for more information, and will report back when and if we hear more.
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