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Jet Car Stunts out in July, August on PlayStation platforms

Grip Games' acrobatic racer, Jet Car Stunts, is clearing the gap to PS3 and Vita in July for $7.99, with a "significantly upgraded" version due for PS4 in August. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, anyone that straps into the PS3 and Vita versions will be offered a discount toward the PS4 counterpart, which will be "significantly upgraded" with boosted visuals and a 60 fps, 1080p view of floating track and geometry clusters. Both the base price and discount size for the PS4 version are still to be revealed, though.

Regardless of the PlayStation device you use to flip through Jet Car Stunts, cross-play will be available, with leaderboards and the ghosts of top players also shared across the three platforms. Grip Games also has Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions planned, but Steam users don't have to have any of this waiting nonsense - Jet Car Stunts is revved and ready to go on PC for $9.99.
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Jet Car Stunts is landing on the PSN this summer.

This unique hybrid between a racing game and a platformer, one of the highest-rated racing games of all time, will be released soon.

Prague, Czech Republic - May 20th, 2014 – Grip Games, a privately owned developer and publisher of games for game consoles and high-end portable devices and True Axis Pty. Ltd and announced today that they will launch Jet Car Stunts, a racing/platformer hybrid game for the PlayStation®3 system, PlayStation®Vita system, PlayStation®4 system this summer, with Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions also planned.

In Jet Car Stunts the players control a Jet Car – the combination of a formula racing car and a jet plane that lets them perform nearly impossible gravity-defying stunts, like driving through loops, jumping over incredible distances, corkscrew maneuvers, drifting near the edge of the racing track, ... all of that in supersonic speed, miles above the ground.

Jet Car Stunts will be released on the PlayStation®3 system and PlayStation®Vita system in July, supporting cross-play feature and being available as cross-buy. The PlayStation®4 version will follow in August and will offer next-gen features, such a richer graphics and 1080p/60fps gameplay.

Jet Car Stunts is a million-selling franchise developed by True Axis Pty. Ltd. and one of the highest-rated racing games of all time. Grip Games is developing a brand new version of the popular game, with next-gen graphics, new cars, new tracks, new game modes, asynchronous multiplayer experience and gamepad support.

Jet Car Stunts will be released in Q2 2014. For more information, please visit

About Grip Games
GRIP Digital s.r.o. is a privately owned developer and publisher of games for game consoles and hi-end portable devices, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Using the trademark "Grip Games", the company was started by industry veterans who worked on games across all the major platforms. Grip Games is dedicated to delivering top quality games and unique user experiences focused on simplicity, addictiveness, accessibility and connectivity. For more information, please visit

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