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Apple closes the loophole that allowed users to update refunded apps


No good loophole lasts for long. Apple has made a subtle update to the App Store which most users will never notice, but if you've ever received a refund for an app, you will. For years, users who got a refund for a paid app through the App Store were able to continue getting updates after they'd gotten their money back. Now that loophole has been closed.

The change was noticed by Twitter users Michael Simmons on May 24.

The refund update loophole has also been closed in the Mac App store. While some users will be understandably annoyed, this is ultimately a good thing. If users want the freedom to get refunds from digital products which remain on their phone, that's fine, but along with that freedom should come protection for developers. If you don't like their app enough to support it, you shouldn't be able to get the newest version of it for free once your money has been returned.

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