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Canadian airlines will let you use devices during takeoff and landing


American airlines may let you use your mobile devices at every stage of flight, but their Canadian counterparts still insist that you power down until you're in mid-air. That's going to change shortly, though: Transport Canada has greenlit the use of electronics during takeoff and landing. As long as carriers can show that passenger gadgets in airplane mode (that is, with wireless off) won't interfere with avionics, you'll get to use your gear at any time. Of course, you'll get to switch on WiFi for most of a given trip if you're on an aircraft with internet access.

As with the FAA's electronics ruling in the States, you shouldn't expect the tech-friendly policy to kick in right away. Air Canada says it's "finalizing measures" that will let it adopt the new rules, while WestJet expects to give the all-clear "early this summer." All the same, the loosened regulations are good news if you'd rather not stop writing a report (or playing Angry Birds) just because you're flying into Vancouver.

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