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Goat Simulator sees Minecraft makeover in 1.1 patch


Among the additions coming to Goat Simulator in its imminent 1.1 patch is a new aesthetic option modeled after the Cubist paradise that is Minecraft.

Having noticed our borderline-obsessive fixation on Goat Simulator, designer Armin Ibrisagic sent over the handful of screenshots found in the below gallery. "Now you'll be able to play the world's most popular game inside the world's best game," Ibrisagic said, offering no further explanation.

As we mentioned, the 1.1 patch is now slated to hit Goat Simulator on June 3. Alongside this new Minecraft-style aesthetic option, it will bring with it splitscreen multiplayer, goat parkour and a handful of new goats. We still have no idea what the "Shopping Goat" might be, though we expect more information once the patch debuts.
[Image: Coffee Stain Studios]

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