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Nintendo planning YouTube revenue-splitting affiliate program


Nintendo is planning a revenue-sharing affiliate program for those using gameplay footage of its games on YouTube. Video bloggers and "Let's Play" creators alike will need permission from the publisher to broadcast their gameplay clips, according to two tweets from the publisher (as translated by Gamasutra).

Just over one year ago, Nintendo issued Content ID Match copyright claims on YouTube videos that featured gameplay clips from its suite of published titles. After the backlash that followed the House of Mario attempting to obtain the whole pie from YouTubers, it's now settling for a slice of it: The new affiliate program would see ad revenue from videos split among Nintendo, Google and the video creators themselves. Nintendo is apparently getting a head start, as it has already tagged recent gameplay videos, placing their advertisements on them.

It's still unknown whether YouTube's Content ID Match system would affect livestreaming platform Twitch, providing the reports that YouTube is in talks to acquire Twitch for $1 billion go through.
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