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Xbox One rises in Japan on September 4


Microsoft is bringing the Xbox One to Japan on September 4, some ten months after the console first hit store shelves in North America and Europe. Systems with or without Kinect are available at launch, with the peripheral-less unit priced 39,980 yen (around $392). Add in Kinect and the bundle goes up to 49,980 yen ($490).

Japanese publisher Mages/5pb Games greeted the news by unveiling three titles for the system. The trio are visual novels Chaos;Child and Mystereet F: The Detective's Turn Call, and a tie-in for the anime series Psycho Pass. The Psycho Pass game and Mystereet F are in development at Mages' Div 8, the new studio headed by former Cave head Makoto Asada.

According to Inside Games (via Siliconera), Asada has three more games in development for Xbox One. He plans to make an announcement on them at next month's E3 conference, so chances are we'll learn more about the floating girl teased as Div 8's "next project."
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