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EVE Online warns supercarrier pilots of impending changes

Eliot Lefebvre

On June 3rd, EVE Online is rolling out its latest expansion, and that means changes are coming for everyone. This includes some pretty substantial changes to supercarriers, such as the doubling of all Fighter Bomber drones. Depending on how full your drone bays might be, that could mean you suddenly have more units in your drone bays than you have actual space to fit them.

A quick post on the official site notifies players that in the event their drone bays become overfilled, all of their drones will be moved to the cargo bay, where they could leave a ship overloaded and unable to jump until cargo is jettisoned or destroyed. Players are advised to take care of the space in their supercarriers now, before the expansion launches, rather than scrambling to find places to put all of the drones once the update actually happens. You can also check out the original blog outlining the overall supercarrier changes if you missed it the first time around.

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