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Google to plug Play Music in UK's first live music TV ad

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Google's run plenty of ads on UK TV over the years, but its next campaign is set to break new ground for the company and for British TV. AdAge reports that the search giant has teamed up with the UK's Channel 4 for the first live music performance across a full ad break on UK television. On Friday night around 22:45 local time, singer Sam Smith will belt out his current single Stay With Me live from London's iconic Roundhouse venue. Beyond Smith getting some priceless promotion for his album, Google's using the spot to plug its Play Music download and streaming services. It's on this very store that Google will host the live performance and exclusive tracks shortly after the ad airs. And, if you're not a Smith fan, well at least it's three-and-a-half minutes you didn't have to watch tacky ads for things you don't need.

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