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Infinite Crisis shows off Atrocitus

Eliot Lefebvre

The Red Lanterns are a pretty mad bunch. That's not to say that they're crazy, that's to say that they are collectively very angry and in fact use that anger to fuel their power rings. (Along with blood.) So it should come as no surprise that the upcoming Infinite Crisis character Atrocitus is himself quite angry, being the leader of the Red Lantern Corps and a font of raging destruction. When he goes live on June 11th, players will have a chance to take his angry antics into the arena.

Right off the bat, Atrocitus is different -- he has no Will meter, instead using Rage to fuel him. Rage is gained by dealing or taking damage, with his skills being free and turning into a more powerful version once the Rage meter is half-full. Those skills include an attack buff, a taunt for drones, a pull and taunt for other heroes, and a cone debuff and DoT as an ultimate. Check out the big guy in action in the video past the cut.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release]

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