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German scientists make it possible to fly a plane with your brain


Mind control technology gives you the capability to do things you didn't think possible -- like piloting a plane even if you have zero flying experience. A team of researchers from the Technische Universität München and the TU Berlin in Germany have not only developed the technology to fly planes with thoughts alone, but also demonstrated how precise it is. The scientists, led by Professor Florian Holzapfel, had seven subjects (one with no cockpit experience at all) use a flight simulator, and apparently, they all navigated the virtual skies with enough accuracy to pass a flying license test. To make the brain-to-plane communication possible, the group outfitted the subjects with a cap connected to EEG electrodes. Signals from the subjects' brains were then translated into commands using an algorithm developed by the TU Berlin scientists.

According to Tim Fricke, head of this EU-funded project called Brainflight, the research's long-term goal is to make flying more accessible to more people. We doubt the Average Joe can put on an EEG cap and fly any plane soon, but in the meantime, the technology could make flying safer as it gives pilots the freedom to do more tasks in the cockpit.

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