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Non-violent platformer A Story About My Uncle debuts on Steam


Just when you thought Coffee Stain Studios was only capable of delivering games focused on rude livestock, the Goat Simulator publisher takes things in an entirely different direction with Gone North Games' thoughtful, gorgeous A Story About My Uncle.

The game, which has just appeared on Steam, tells the tale of a young man searching for his uncle inside a fantastical realm full of vibrant colors and otherworldly structures. Instead of simply wandering through the place, our protagonist comes across a handy device best imagined as an energy-based grappling hook with which he can swing from platform to platform. While not a wholly original idea, once you're acquainted with the in-game physics of A Story About My Uncle, the freedom of motion it offers completely overshadows the game's notably contrarian lack of blood and guts.

Those interested in A Story About My Uncle can find the game on Steam at a price of $13 - unless you act quickly. From now until June 4, A Story About My Uncle features a 10 percent discount, reducing its price to $11.69.
[Image: Coffee Stain Studios]

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