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Smash's new wristband helps perfect your tennis swing


We've come a long, long way since the days when smart wristwear did little more than track your footsteps. Need proof? Smash has unveiled a wearable dedicated to tennis. The wristband uses motion sensors to track many aspects of your swing, ranging from spin to your favorite shot types. Once you're done attacking the ball, you can check your performance through a connected Android or iOS device -- it'll be clear if your volleys need more power, or your backhand is inconsistent.

Smash is crowdfunding its gadget with hopes of shipping it in February. If you're looking to improve your game, it'll currently take a $129 Australian pledge ($119 US plus $10 in shipping) to get the finished wearable; wait until the planned release and the device will set you back $199 AUD ($184 US). That's as much as some nicer general-purpose fitness trackers, but it may be justified if you absolutely have to be victorious on the tennis court.

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