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WoW Moviewatch: If Fans Created Filler Content

Matthew Rossi

Honestly, this particular machinima (If Fans Create Filler Content by Wowcrendor)... honestly, some of the ideas don't sound that bad to me. I mean, random world cities with worldwide treasure hunts? How is that a bad idea? Tell me you wouldn't go on a worldwide treasure hunt. And while I don't think zombie dragons are particularly interesting, just imagine if they took that basic idea and broadened it out so that you could fight on any mount you have. That's right, I'm suggesting a PvP battle league where you fight on your mounts, collect more mounts to use in the league, and yes it's battle pets, but with mounts and with you on the mount.

Seriously how is this a bad idea? Heck, the Farmer John's farm bit sounds good as long as you don't actually burn it down with a zombie dragon at the end. That dude needs help.
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