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Bank of America's updated app creates a wonderful mobile banking experience


As a Bank of America client, using the company's app has been a mixed bag. In the past the interface was clunky, with a limited number of features, but it was nice to be able to deposit checks via the app when I couldn't find an ATM. Still there was plenty of room for improvement, and it appears Bank of America agreed. Its iOS app has just gotten a full makeover that takes it from a usable app to a mobile mini bank.

Navigation has been simplified to make it easier to access the wide range of helpful features. Users can now use the app to open new checking, credit card, and savings accounts, or even look at auto loans. Routing and account numbers are now easier to find thanks to new activity tabs.

Scheduling can be handled from within the app, be it scheduling a bill payment or an appointment at the bank itself. In addition, users can now order copies of posted checks for their personal records from the comfort of their hand. Finally, camera flash controls have been added for mobile check deposits.

Here is a complete list of the new features you'll find upon updating. You can find the new version of the online banking app in the iTunes store right now.

  • Simplified navigation menu
  • Request replacement debit or credit cards±
  • View your available credit for credit cards
  • Schedule an appointment with us
  • Easily find routing and account numbers with new activity tabs
  • Add transfer recipients from your personal contacts
  • Control camera flash during check deposits
  • Modify scheduled bill payments
  • Set up and manage account nicknames
  • Edit checking or savings transaction descriptions
  • Order copies of posted checks

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