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Full CryEngine now available through Steam

Jef Reahard

Did you know that Crytek has launched a CryEngine subscription service on Steam? Yup, it's true. So if you're a budding game developer, a modder, or someone who is curious about game dev tools, you can now play around with the tech behind MMOs like Aion, ArcheAge, and Star Citizen as well as a boatload of popular single-player games.

Steam customers get full use of the engine for a $9.90 monthly fee. The "announcement means we are adding the first complete game development engine to Steam, with access to enough source code to allow the creation of any kind of PC game," Crytek director of business development Carl Jones explained. "We're also giving indie developers state-of-the-art tools that live within the same eco-system that they can choose to publish their games."

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